Tuesday, 22 January 2013


After running my first half marathon last spring, I never thought I'd ever want to run another race. Period.

But, when you take 21.1 km and package it up all pretty with a race route that includes views of the mountains and the ocean, a post-race brunch that's not just a banana and bagel (I've heard things), and yoga and more yoga, there's really no denying such an experience.

Registration for The SeaWheeze Lululemon Half Marathon officially opened last Friday! I usually head back to BC closer to the end of summer to visit my parents, so I thought what better opportunity than to take part in what looks to be a very exciting weekend!

I've heard a lot of fantastic things about The SeaWheeze - everything from a guided training program and regularly updated runspiration on their Facebook page to being treated like a rock star all weekend and cashing in on awesome swag (I suppose you pay for it in the registration fee, but swag nonetheless).

Aside from all the perks, I'm also looking forward to running alongside my eldest brother, whose fastest time might as well be half of my best time.

And finally, this race will be a great way to experience Vancouver like I never have before - running! 

Do you have any races coming up? Join me in Vancouver!

image via the seawheeze

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