Monday, 3 December 2012


Hi, everyone! First, I wanted to mention that I wrote a guest post for my friend and instructor, A's, blog the other day. The post is called Paleo Confessions and it's about my experience during the Whole30 (and now, my transition to Paleo), and any challenges that I've encountered. My goal with writing the post was to reveal some truths about my own struggles with diet – many of which my own friends and family have a difficult time believing.

Aside from that, I just wanted to share one of my favourite finds as of late. On my former blog, I used to have a weekly series called WE LOVE. Some weeks, I'd list off an array of favourites that would include anything from home decorating to fashion trends. Other times, a unifying theme. Or, I'd even showcase a favourite celebrity (a chef was ideal). 

In keeping with the WE LOVE series, I wanted to share with you a fabulous website that I came across thanks to blogger and YouTuber, Cadie. The site is called Vitacost, and it's an amazing on-line shopping resource for all your healthy living needs – everything from vitamins and supplements to beauty and home products (and at fabulous prices!).

Now, I haven't actually purchased anything from the website yet, so perhaps I shouldn't be hyping it up so much – but I couldn't resist! There are a few products that I have been meaning to try and have either not been able to easily find here in Toronto, or have found them but not been able to convince myself to fork over the extra dough to pay for them. Vitacost sells a  lot of recognizable brands and for great prices. 

I'm about to place an order, so I'll let you know what I truly think about Vitacost when that product arrives on my doorstep. But for now, check it out for yourself!

Do you know of any other great on-line resources to purchase health and wellness products?

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a nutritionist, physician, or any kind of health professional. Everything that you find on my blog is based on my own knowledge and opinion. If you require specific health and fitness advice, please seek a qualified health professional.

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